All the Wall Street giants are doing it – Investing $ 100 million in Bitcoin is their project

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Bitcoin, they will never get tired of it – At the end of 2020, the days go by and look the same. Bitcoin’s new ATH comes with a sign of interest from renowned financial players. Greenpro Capital announced this week its intention to invest in Bitcoin after praising its and Ethereum’s praise.

Wall Street goes into debt to buy Bitcoin

Greenpro Capital is a multi-faceted company. Created in Nevada and listed on Wall Street, it manages its operations from Singapore . Greenpro defines itself as a business incubator , which operates in a wide variety of segments, including finance, tech, health and the fine arts. But, what interests us is the crypto branch of the CryptoSX group . Through this company, Greenpro is building a platform to carry out Security Token Offerings and find a place in the DeFi ecosystem.

“We are fully convinced that Bitcoin is a store of value. I have asked our investment bankers to raise funds in the first quarter of 2021 to the tune of $ 100 million to invest in Bitcoin. The company will also invest its own cash in Bitcoin. “

CK Lee, CEO de Greenpro Capital

After MicroStrategy , it is therefore Greenpro Capital which takes advantage of ridiculously low interest rates to get into debt and invest in Bitcoin.

This announcement was particularly well received by the market. Will we see more and more large groups betting on Bitcoin in the coming months?

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