Prest, Thomas Peckett

13 May 1810? - 5 June 1859

Prolific English magazine editor and, primarily, writer of knock-off novels (he penned a number of lowbrow adaptations of Dickens' works) and of "penny dreadfuls," those inexpensive shocker novels of the mid C19; Prest is best known for being regarded as the author of Varney the Vampire, although he probably isn't, or at the very least isn't the sole author — the evidence is good that James Malcolm Rymer is to blame, either wholly or in part — and for creating "Sweeney Todd," the demon barber popularized in Stephen Sondheim's musical (based on the book by Hugh Wheeler, based on the 1847 melodrama by George Dibdin Pitt which was based on Prest's 1846 The String of Pearls) — though here again there are some who think Rymer may have had much more to do with creating Todd than did Prest.

Brief biographical note
"Penny Bloods and the Demon Barber"
Good discussion of the rise of penny dreadfuls and Prest's involvment with them, including brief discussion of Varney and its authorship. [David Carroll, Tabula Rasa]

The Demon of the Hartz
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Varney the Vampire
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Vileroy; or, The Horrors of Zindorf Castle
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Essays and Reviews:
Suicide in Varney the Vampire
A Victorian Web extract from Barbara T. Gates' Victorian Suicide: Mad Crimes and Sad Histories (Princeton UP, 1988)

"Thomas Peckett Prest."