Peattie, Elia W. (Wilkinson)

Elia Peattie
15 January 1862 - 1935

American journalist and author, another of the little-read female writers of the late C19 and early C20.

Brief biographical note
Brief biographical note
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Brief biographical note
Brief notice from the 1898 Bookman. [Etext Center, UVa]

The Shape of Fear and Other Ghostly Tales  [1898]
The individual tales in this collection, all of which have some Gothic or supernaturalist element, are available at the UVA Etext Library:

"The Shape of Fear" (15K)
"On the Northern Ice" (10K)
Compare to Edith Wharton's "Bewitched."
"Their Dear Little Ghost" (15K)
"A Spectral Collie" (9K)
A ghostly dog does one last good turn for her beloved master. Compare to Edith Wharton's "Kerfol."
"The House That Was Not" (10K)
"Story of an Obstinate Corpse" (10K)
"A Child of the Rain" (11K)
"The Room of the Evil Thought" (11K)
"Story of the Vanishing Patient" (10K)
"The Piano Next Door" (13K)
"An Astral Onion" (15K)
"From the Loom of the Dead" (15K)
"A Grammatical Ghost" (16K)

The Shape of Fear and Other Ghostly Tales is also available, in a single file (149K), from Project Gutenberg.

"Elia W. Peattie."