Oliphant, Margaret

Margaret Oliphaunt
4 April 1828 - 25 June 1897

Scottish novelist, cultural historian, and short-story writer, and owner of the name "Margaret Oliphant Wilson Oliphant," which is perhaps another good argument against marrying one's cousin....

Margaret Oliphant
Overview including biography, chronology, bibliography, and more. [Victorian Web, Brown U]
Margaret Oliphant
Includes a biographical note. [Gaslight]
Margaret Oliphant
Brief biographical overview [Jenni Calder, Scottish Libraries Across the Internet]
Biographical note
[Clare Pettitt, U Cambridge; Literary Encyclopedia]
Biographical note
[Writing Scotland; BBC]
Biographical note
[David Finkelstein, Rise and Fall of the House of Blackwood's]
Biographical note
[Melanie Ulrich, Wollstonecraft's Daughters: The Major Figures in Victorian Feminism]
Biographical overview
From the publisher of the massive The Correspondence and Literary Manuscripts of Margaret Oliphant (1828-1897) from the National Library of Scotland. [Adam Matthew Publications]
Biographical note
[1911 Encyclopedia]
Brief biographical note
[Columbia Encyclopedia, Bartleby]
Brief biographical note
[John W. Cousins, A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature, 1910]
Brief bio-bibliography
[Andrew Crumey, Scottish Writers on the Internet]
Margaret Oliphaunt
Supernaturalist bibliography with book cover images. [Guide to Supernatural Fiction, Tartarus Press]
Oliphant Hyper-Concordance
Part of the The Victorian Literary Studies Archive, this concordance allows you to search etexts of Oliphant's works.
[National Portrait Gallery, London]

A Beleaguered City [1879]
- at Gaslight
- at BlackMask / Munsey's

"The Library Window"
According to E. F. Bleiler, "This is much Mrs. Oliphant's best supernatural story." He identifies the first book publication of the tale as being in the 1889 anthology Stories of the Seen and Unseen.
- at Gaslight (102K)
- at BlackMask / Munsey's

A Little Pilgrim
Popular work providing a glimpse into the afterlife, mawkish Victorian style.
- at Project Gutenberg (158K)
- at BlackMask / Munsey's

The Little Pilgrim: Further Experiences
Three more tales of life after death.
- at Project Gutenberg (240K)
- at BlackMask / Munsey's

"Old Lady Mary" [1885]
Oliphant's contribution to the Victorian tradition of the Christmas ghost story, it forms an interesting counterpart to Charles Dickens' famous "A Christmas Carol."
- at Project Gutenberg (165K)
- at HorrorMasters (PDF)

"The Open Door" [1881]
Oliphant's classic tale of a haunted place, a pathetic ghost, the power of religion (and local history) and a father's love....
- at Gaslight (105K)
- at HorrorMasters (PDF)

"The Portrait" [1885, according to E. F. Bleiler]
- at Gaslight (97K)
- at BlackMask / Munsey's

"The Secret Chamber"
- at Gaslight (77K)
- at BlackMask / Munsey's

Publisher's blurb for The Autobiography of Margaret Oliphant [Broadview Press]

Essays and Reviews:
"Other Worlds: Oliphant's spectralisation of the modern" [abstract only]
By Penny Fielding. A thoughtful discussion of how Oliphaunt's ghost stories "engage with the difficulties of modernity from a position of apparent conservatism." [Women’s Writing (1999)]
"Mrs Grundy's Rebellion: Margaret Oliphant between orthodoxy and the New Woman" [abstract only]
By Ann Heilmann. A scholarly discussion of Oliphaunt's views on women and their changing place in Victorian society. [Women’s Writing (1999)]
"Motherhood and Melodrama: Salem Chapel and sensation fiction [abstract only]
By Shirley Jones. An analysis of Oliphaunt's own sensation novel as a critique of the sensation fiction phenomenon of the mid-Victorian period. [Women’s Writing (1999)]
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