Hichens, Robert S[mythe]

1864 - 1950

English journalist and writer, best remembered now, perhaps, for his satire on Oscar Wilde, The Green Carnation [1894]. Or perhaps for his novels that were made into films (The Garden of Allah, The Paradine Case.) No, maybe he's now best known for "How Love Came to Professor Guildea," which has been frequently anthologized. Or perhaps he's best known for being someone else: the helmsman at the wheel of the Titanic when it struck the iceberg was also named Robert Hichens....

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Brief biographical note
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The Dweller on the Threshold
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"How Love Came to Professor Guildea" [1900]
This tale has strong affinites with Joseph Sheridan LeFanu's "Green Tea," with LeFanu's malefic monkey being replaced by, well, read it and see...
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"Robert S. Hichens."