Hearn, Lafcadio

27 June 1850 - 26 September 1904

Born in Greece to an Irish father and Greek mother, Hearn spent much of his early life in Ireland and English, coming as a young man to America (Cincinnati, of all places, for eight years, then some time in New Orleans) where he developed and blossomed as a writer. Hearn spend much of his later life in Japan, becoming a naturalized citizen. His 1904 volume Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things is perhaps the work for which he is best known today; it continues to serve as an introduction of non-Western supernaturalism to a Western audience.

Biographical note

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Then check out the Kwaidan Exhibition
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Lafcadio Hearn
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Lafcadio Hearn
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Exploring Lafcadio Hearn
A site devoted to Hearn's travels and life in Japan, it also features a brief biography. PROBLEMATIC LINK
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Hearn Hyper-Concordance
Part of the The Victorian Literary Studies Archive, this concordance allows you to search etexts by Hearn, including Kwaidan and In Ghostly Japan.

Many of the stories below are from Hearn's collection Kwaidan, also available as a Project Gutenberg etext (234K).

Chin Chin Kobakama
This is Hearn's translation of a traditional Japanese fairy tale (or two tales, actually, w/ the shorter second one apparently a variant of the first). This site features nice images of this 1905 illustrated work - an e-facsimile, basically - along w/ the transcribed text. A real treat; the illustrations, by an unidentified artist, are an absolute delight. [The Art Bin]
"Diplomacy" [1904]
- at Eric Eldred's site (6K)
- at Gaslight (6K)
"Jikininki" [1904]
- at Scott Bessho's site (13K)
- at Gaslight (13K)
"Mujina" [1904]
- at Steve Trussel's site (5K)
- at Gaslight (6K)
"The Story of O-tei" [1904]
- at Steve Trussel's site (8K)
- at Gaslight (9K)
"Of a Mirror and a Bell" [1904]
- at Steve Trussel's site (11K)
- at Gaslight (11K)
"The Story of Mimi-Nashi-H˘´chi" [1904]
- at Eric Eldred's site (27K)
- at Gaslight (28K)
"Yuki-Onna" [1904] (10K) [Steve Trussel]
"Oshidori" [1904]
- at Eric Eldred's site (6K)
- at Gaslight (5K)
"Ubazakuru" [1904]
- at Gaslight (5K)
"Rokuro-kubi" [1904]
- at Gaslight (25K)
"The Cedar Closet" [1874] (23K) [Gaslight]
"A Ghost Story"  [1884]
Authorship attribution uncertain. (11K) [Gaslight]

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