Edgeworth, Maria

1 January 1767 - 22 May 1849

English writer (who did a lot of her growing up in Ireland), author of the satiric and politically charged Castle Rackrent (1800), which also critiques (and employs) some Gothic clichés.

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Includes bibliography and images. [The Edgeworth Website, John McGerr]
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[Penguin Putnam]
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[Laura McGrane, Haverford College; Literary Encyclopedia]
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Maria Edgeworth
Includes some synopses and contemporary reviews of some of Edgeworth's novels. [Corvey Women Writers on the Web, Sheffield Hallam U]
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[Gothic Labyrinth]
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By George Saintsbury, from The Cambridge History of English and American Literature (1907-1921) [Bartleby.com]
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[Patricia Chadwick, PageWise]
  Maria Edgeworth
The Noel Collection
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Part of the PBS website for the 2002 production of Elizabeth Gaskell's Wives and Daughters.
Maria Edgeworth
A full-length biography of Edgeworth, published by Macmillan in 1905, by the Hon. Emily Lawless. [Celebration of Women Writers]
Brief biographical note
[John W. Cousins, A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature, 1910]
Maria Edgeworth and Classical Political Economy
Discussion of Edgeworth's work and life from an economic perspective - an interesting and helpful perspective, actually. [William Kern, Western Michigan University]
Edgeworth Hyper-Concordance
Part of the The Victorian Literary Studies Archive, this concordance allows you to search the etext of Castle Rackrent.
Edgeworth Holdings
Inventory of Edgeworth materials at Yale U's Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.
Catalogue of the Papers of Maria Edgeworththis link opens a new window
Edgeworth materials at The Bodleian Library, Oxford.
[National Portrait Gallery, London]

Castle Rackrent; the complete text available in three sections:
- Preface (8K)
- I: An Hibernian Tale (54K)
- II: The History of Sir Conolly Rackrent (99K)
a.k.a. "The Continuation," this section was written by Edgeworth two years after she completed Part One. [Michael Sundermeier, Creighton U]
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"Imprisonment in Castle Rackrent: A Gothic Convention Reflecting Eighteenth Century Women's Reality"
by Kellie Donovan Wixson  [Prometheus Unplugged?]
Edgeworth on Scott
More of an outline-style comparison of some aspects of the life and works of Edgeworth and Sir Walter Scott [Andrew Monnickendam].
"Maria Edgeworth."