Brown, Charles Brockden

Charles Brockden Brown
17 January 1771 - 21 February 1810

Generally regarded as the first American novelist, Brown is a key figure in the tradition of Gothic fiction, for some of his novels--Edgar Huntly, Wieland, Arthur Mervyn--are responsible for "Americanizing" the Gothic, which in its European incarnation featured imagery (ruined castles, etc) that was simply non-existent, and hence symbolically inert, in America. Brown shifted the settings of his works to American locales--forests, towns, caves, outlying estates -- and relocated the sources of terror, yet retained a Gothic mood of emotional and psychological extremity.

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Arthur Mervyn [1799-1800]
- at Munsey's / BlackMask [various formats]

Edgar Huntley [1799]
- at Munsey's / BlackMask [various formats]

Memoirs of Carwin the Biloquist
- entire text (160K) or Table of Contents at UVa Etext Center
- at Project Gutenberg (150K)
- at Munsey's / BlackMask [various formats]

Ormond [1799]
- at Munsey's / BlackMask [various formats]

"Somnambulism: A Fragment"
- at LitGothic [PDF]

Wieland [1798]
- entire text (500K) or Table of Contents [UVa]
- at Project Gutenberg (494K)
- at Munsey's / BlackMask [various formats]
-- "Wieland's Madness"
A condensed version of Wieland. (PDF) [Munsey's / BlackMask]
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Essays and Reviews:
"Charles Brockden Brown's Edgard Huntley as Experimental Novel"
A student essay discussing the moral failings of Edgar Huntley. [Henning Ziegler, Eberhard-Karls-Universitaet, Tuebingen]

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