Baring, Maurice

27 April 1874 - 14 December 1945

English diplomat, linguist, journalist, and author, primarily of realist fiction but also of a few supernaturalist tales.

Brief biographical note
Includes photo. [Spartacus Educational]
Brief biographical note
[Columbia Encyclopedia, Bartleby]
Brief biographical note
From a rather curious website (and from a section entititled "Curiousities, Grotesqueries, Follies, & Strange Customs"), this brief note (you'll have to scroll down the page to get to the Baring entry, which is the second section of this page, though I highly recommend reading the first entry as well) stresses Baring's eccentricity. I have no idea if any of this is true, but if not, it should be.... [Petticoat Discipline, which is not some s/m practice but the late-C19/early-C20 idea of dressing little boys in girl's clothing as a form of punishment.]
[Guide to Supernatural Fiction, Tartarus Press]
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Maurice Baring Collection
Holdings of Baring materials in Yale's Beineke Library. [Yale U]

All of the following tales are to be found in Orpheus In Mayfair And Other Stories And Sketches, a Project Gutenberg etext (315K). And you know what that means: use your browser's "Find" function to locate the work(s) you want to read.

"Dr. Faust's Last Day"
"The Ikon"
"The Island"
"A Luncheon-Party"
"The Shadow of a Midnight"

Essays and Reviews"
"Maurice Baring & the good high-brow" by Joseph Epstein
A substantical critical overview of Baring, with a great deal of biographical information. From The New Criterion, 1992.
"Maurice Baring: Faith and Culture"
By Joseph Pearce. Discusses Baring's conversion to Catholicism and the role of faith in his life and work. []
"Maurice Baring."